Carpets Turners Hill

Carpets Turners Hill

New carpets on the floors of your Turners Hill home are a sight to behold. There is nothing that can transform a room in your Turners Hill property quite like beautiful, well fitted, stylish carpets.

But once everyday life kicks in your beautiful new carpet will be at risk from regular footfall, pets claws, heavy furniture, spills and exposure to the sun. Here we detail some of the hazards for a new carpet and how you can handle these hazards to ensure the carpets in your Turners Hill residence stay beautiful for years to come.

All cut pile carpets will flatten to some extent under heavy traffic. Regular vacuuming will help relieve this. This crushing is a normal reaction to footfall and is not detrimental to the wear of the carpet.

The feet of furniture will create indentations on any carpet within your Turners Hill home. To help reduce marking, regularly move the position of furniture where possible. Use the edge of a coin to help move the pile back upright.

Like curtains or sofa coverings carpets can fade gradually over time due to natural sunlight. In south facing rooms with windows going down to the floor your carpets can easily be protected through the use of blinds or window coverings.

But don’t worry too much as common sense, quick responses to spills and regular vacuuming are all that is really needed to ensure the ongoing beauty and long life of the new carpets in your Turners Hill home.

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