Carpets Coolham

Carpets Coolham

Would like to have a go at fitting new carpets within your Coolham home?

Your answer to that is probably no! Most Coolham residents will prefer to let the carpet professionals get sore knees and fiddle about with tricky seams. At the Flooring HUT we are very happy to come to your Coolham home and provide you with a professional fitting service on our range of new carpets.

If however you answered yes, here is our basic guide to fitting carpets in your Coolham home. We recommend you do your own detailed research before you begin!

  1. Fit carpet gripper all the way around the edge of your room except across the doorway where you will need a threshold bar instead. Use adhesive, not nails, in areas above wires, pipes and cables. Leave a 7mm gap between the gripper and the skirting board.
  2. Lay the underlay rubber side down cutting it level with the carpet gripper. Join the rows of underlay together with carpet tape.
  3. Lay your carpet in position and cut it to size leaving an extra 75mm at each edge. Cut the carpet to the corners.
  4. Start fitting your carpet from the longest wall and work towards the door using a carpet tucker to mark a fold against the skirting board. Cut along the carpet edge about 5mm above the carpet level using a new blade. Push the excess down between the skirting and the gripper with the tucker.
  5. Repeat this along the first wall and then trim and fix the carpet against the other walls.

Other Carpet Manufacturers

We also provide carpets from the following manufacturers, please call us for more product information on: 01903 377027 or Book A FREE Estimate


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