Carpets Burgess Hill

Carpets Burgess Hill

Are you looking for carpets to suit your contemporary Burgess Hill residence?


Modern carpets within Burgess Hill properties are generally constructed using the tufting method. These carpets are manufactured using sewing machines with thousands of needles that push yarn through a backing fabric, where a hook called a looper holds the yarn in place to form a tuft as the needle is removed.


What happens next depends upon the finished look that you choose for the carpets within your Burgess Hill home.
Loop Pile Carpets
As the name suggests, within these carpets each fibre is kept as a loop. Looped carpets, such as the Berber, can be made of smooth, homogeneous level loops or multi-level loops for a more textured effect.


Cut Pile Carpets
For this type of carpet the fabric loops created by the tufting process are cut. This is the most common and versatile construction style found in residential carpeting and different examples include the Saxony and Twist styles of carpet are made this way.


Each style of carpet comes with its own properties, benefits, resilience, texture and quality. Factors such as the composition of your Burgess Hill household and the area within your Burgess Hill home that you are seeking carpets for will determine which style of tufted carpet you decide is best for you.

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