Carpets Barnham

Carpets Barnham

Most homeowners in Barnham own carpets. Even with the rise in popularity of laminate and exposed floorboards, carpets are the floor covering of choice in Barnham as in the UK. As a country we love carpets, but most of us are unaware of how carpets are made.

At Flooring HUT we are passionate about carpets and want to ensure our Barnham customers purchase carpets ideally suited to their lifestyle and household. And like all passionate people we are also slightly nerdy and like to share everything there is to know about carpets.

How are British carpets made?
70% of British carpets are tufted. Tufted carpet was pioneered in the second half of the 20th century and the process is very flexible, resulting in the manufacturing of different styles and textures.

Tufting creates carpets on specialized multi-needle sewing machines as follows:


  1. Several hundred needles push yarn through a pre-woven primary backing fabric, where a hook called a looper holds the yarn in place to form a tuft as the needle is removed.
  2. The yarn is held in place for loop-pile carpet or cut by blades for cut-pile carpet.
  3. Secondary backings of various types are applied to give a variety of resilience and fitting capabilities.
  4. The dying process is either done beforehand to the yarn or after depending on the desired look.
  5. The carpet is then washed, dried, vacuumed, quality checked and transported.

An expert Flooring HUT fitter can then make your brand new tufted carpet look perfect in your Barnham home.

Other Carpet Manufacturers

We also provide carpets from the following manufacturers, please call us for more product information on: 01903 377027 or Book A FREE Estimate


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